Bearcat Sports Network Debuts


Emily Arnold

Senior reporter James Ward and sophomore reporter Payne Wellman record the first episode of the Bearcat Sports Network.

Olivia Caggiano, Copy Editor

Aledo Student Media is airing a multi-media broadcasting segment called Bearcat Sports Network (BSN), starring senior James Ward and sophomore Payne Wellman. The segment will serve as a hub for all information regarding Aledo sports. 

The first episode will be uploaded to the Cat’s Eye website, as well as the Aledo Student Media Youtube channel Wed. Dec. 9, and will discuss the upcoming first-round football playoff game and the beginning of the basketball and soccer seasons.

If anyone is interested in being a part of the broadcast, come by room 101. Right now, segments will be recorded before school, but student media adviser Emily Arnold is available to help students interested in creating video segments during seventh period as well. 

If anyone has a news desk or is interested in building one, come to room 101.