Top Ten Sweets This Halloween



With the highlight of October almost here, it is expected to see the return of the world’s favorite candy brands. With this, though, comes the common annual argument: which brand is the best?

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, many Americans have different opinions on which candy is their favorite.

Twizzlers stands with a positive rating of 61%. One of the oldest candies and also one of the most controversial among candy-lovers, Twizzlers also has a 16% negative rating. A candy that has been around since 1845,Twizzlers has been a hated candy for a long time, and it doesn’t look like it will stop now.

Baby Ruth, the caramel-chocolate treat in every grandparent’s pantry, has a positive rating of 63%. In addition, 22% of people are neutral toward this sweet, and unsurprisingly so. A favorite of earlier generations, it has lost its popularity among anyone born after the 1900s, but still holds a bit of nostalgia for those of the 60s and 70s.

Though generally well-received, Skittles are also a neutral candy for most. Skittles have a positive rating of 64%, with another 22% of people neutral on the topic. One of the most common candies to find — from grocery stores to advertisements – it comes as no surprise that Skittles are an average candy. They have also received some amount of hate with their popularity, as 13% of people don’t find the sweet appealing at all. Regardless, as one of the larger brands of candy, it is likely to make a comeback in stores this Halloween.

At an ‘unfamiliar with’ rating of 14%, Ghirardelli chocolate is one of the lesser-known sweets in the U.S., but is also popularly received among those who are familiar. A brand with a positive rating of 67% and a negative rating of only 3%, this chocolate is due to come back as well.

With a positive rating of 68%, York peppermint patties are a simple and enjoyable treat among Americans. The only catch with this sweet is its minty flavor, an off-putting trait to 9% of people. The candy is not a rare find in stores, but is overshadowed by some of the larger companies. Despite this, the candy will likely return as one of the U.S’s favorites this year.

One of the most well-known candies in the U.S. has a positive rating of seventy-eight percent: Snickers. With a negative rating of only 6%, and an ‘unfamiliar with’ rating of only two, Snickers is not only a popular candy but also a well-received one. With one of the most known candy slogans and a swarming popularity since its creation in 1930, Snickers is one of the most popular candy brands in the world.

Similarly to Snickers, Kit-Kats have a positive rating of 79% and a negative of only 5%. A well-known and well-received chocolate, Kit-Kats have been around since the 1700s, before the brand’s renaming and trademarking in 1911. As an older brand, and unlike Twizzlers with this similarity, Kit-Kat has had more time than most candies to gather popularity.

A candy with few neutral ratings in comparison to others is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. With an either off-putting or enjoyable taste and no in-between, Reese’s have a positive rating of 83% and a negative rating of 6%. As one of the most popular and well known candies, only 1% of people did not recognize the brand.

Yet another widely-known brand, M&M’s, has a similar rating, with a positive rating of 85% and a negative of 3%. Since the brand’s release in the 1940s, M&M’s have been regarded as a popular sweet among candy lovers. 

With a positive rating of 83% and an unsurprising popularity, Hershey’s Kisses is one of the largest candy brands in the world. With a simple design and several variations of it, Hershey’s Kisses are one of the most popular sweets out there, and will undoubtedly return this Halloween.

With the coming of this year’s Halloween, candy brands from around the world stock grocery store shelves and fill family candy-bowls. Though statistics show debate in the subject of candy, Halloween brings an assortment of brands – from peanut butter to caramel – to choose from.