“Big Tex” is Funkiest Burger in Funky Town


Brinklee Stegall

The “Big Tex” Burger

Brinklee Stegall, Staff Reporter

After searching and searching for the strangest burgers in my area, my eyes opened to the fact that Fort Worth, Texas is home to many strange and unique burgers. Rodeo Goat is known for something they call “Battle of the Burgers.” This is where they put two burgers up for competition to see which one is more liked by their customers.

One of these burgers caught my attention when I saw it. The Big Tex… and let me tell you, the name didn’t just come randomly. It is massive. Inside it is a beef patty, chicken fried mashed potato cake, bacon, fried onion rings and chorizo gravy. 

After looking at it, I had no idea how a little girl like me was going to be able to eat that whole thing. I did not want to waste all that food. So, I did something any good daughter would do and convinced my dad to come with me. 

Driving to Rodeo Goat was very interesting. There were different cool locations we passed which would be fun to walk around with friends or family. The area Rodeo Goat was located made me wonder how good the burger really would be.  

Based on how many people were in the restaurant, it gave me the feeling that many people enjoy the food. The worker was very thrilled to help us out and give us the best experience possible. 

While waiting for our burger, I took the time to observe people and the place itself. The restaurant gave off a very country/Texan vibe, it had country music playing, checkered tablecloths and FFA posters plastered all over the walls.

As she set the burger on our table, I realized how big it really was. In my opinion, the presentation was amazing. The burger was in the middle of the plate and it came with pickles and a basket of fries on the side. 

We cut it in half, saw the layers of the burger and were excited to try it. 

When I picked it up and took a bite, I was stunned at how good it tasted. It was not what I expected at all. 

You could taste each part of the burger and could distinctly pick out everything in it. The gravy gave it a unique taste, the mashed potato cake gave it a breakfast taste and the onion ring made it a tad bit sweet. 

The buns on the burger were cooked perfectly and so was the meat. Every aspect of the burger went together flawlessly, opposite from what I expected. 

So overall, if I had to rate this burger on a scale from 1-10, no doubt, it would be a nine. I think that the burger would be a nine instead of a 10 because it was very big and makes you feel bloated and yucky after eating it. 

However, I think this burger was fantastic. If you are in the Fort Worth area and are craving a yummy burger, you should check out Rodeo Goat and try their “Big Tex.”