Band and Choir Students Advance to State

Both band and choir hosted and competed in the annual Solo and Ensemble competition Saturday Feb. 22 for a chance to compete at the State level in May. Choir had 42 soloists and four ensembles compete, while the band had 153 soloists and three ensembles. Out of those, 24 choir soloists advanced and all four ensembles advanced. Band had 51 soloists and all three ensembles advance. 


The choir soloists who advanced are freshmen Ariana Schmitt, Katie Curran, Victoria Duffey, Adra Milazzo and Elizabth Miller and sophomores Ryan Mills, Jack Johnson, Cole Bissett, Ellie Conlan, Katelyn Attaway, Zoe Cooley, Ashlea McIntire and Raegan Huffman. Juniors advancing are Brianna Townsend, Adlen Allegood, Charlotte Lane, David Lasater and Xavier Little and seniors moving on are Ingrid Reyes, Walker Beddingfield, Laine Elston, Tala Jennings, London Kasper and Jocelyn McBrayer. One Treble/Bass Small Ensemble and three Treble Small Ensembles advanced. Walker Beddingfield, David Lasater, Xavier Little and Ryan Mills made up the Tenor/Bass Small Ensemble. Laine Elston, Tala Jennings, London Kasper, Charlotte Lane, Jocelyn McBrayer and Ingrid Reyes were the first Treble Small Ensemble. The second Treble Small Ensemble was comprised of Zoe Cooley, Katelyn Attaway, Ellie Conlan, Broghan Guffey, Addi Jarrell, Raegan Huffman and Ashlea McIntire. The final Treble Small Ensemble included Katie Curran, Victoria Duffey, Leigha Mitchel, Adra Milazzo, Elizabeth Miller, Ariana Schmitt and Eleanor Shori.


The band soloists who advanced were freshmen Rylan Wrinkle, Allison Maruschak, Carson White, Gerardo Olazaran, Andrew Miller, Jack Grimm, Luke Shelton, Marshall Anderson, Zachary Logsdon, Georgia McQuade, William Trager, Corbin Moses, Porter Redding and Ayden Jantzen. Sophomores Annie Fritz, Elizabeth Clements, Amy Olazaran, Daniel Lasater, Brayden Arft, Tayton Crutsinger, Trevor Henington, Gavin Daves, Logan Johnson, Kailey DeLorenzo, Zachary Tipton, Lawson López, Raymond Polexi and Ashlyn Bailey advanced. The junior soloists that advanced are Isabella Wright, Christian Medrano, Katherine Mayer, Luke Bunting, Sydney Jantzen, Collin Dover, Eric Thurman, Landon Rossi, Thomas Bolf, Camryn Trusty, Ethan Sharp, Benjamin Cannell, Marco Lozzi and Nathaniel Michaelies. Seniors Katherine Wood, Nicholas Leeper, Kurt Hutchison, Ben Denman, Clayton Crawford, Ian McLellan, Ryan Cazares, Trevor Garrison and Jake Turner advanced also. Gavin Daves, Benjamin Martin, William Moeller, Andrew Pennington and Landon Rossi made up the Brass Quintet that advanced. Daniel Lasater, Nathaniel Michaelis and Tyler O’Brien were the members of the Woodwind Trio. The Flute Trio that advanced included Elizabth Clements, Annie Fritz and Amy Olazaran. 


In order to advance, the song performed for the judge must be a class one, the hardest category, and the performer or ensemble must receive a one, which is the the highest rating. If both requirements are met, the soloist or ensemble advances to State to repeat the process.