Choir Prepares for Solo and Ensemble


Ashlea McIntire

Eleanor Shori (10), Mia Flowers (9), Adra Milazzo (9), Ariana Schmitt (9), Katie Curran (9) and Elizabeth Miller (9) perform their ensemble piece, photo by Ashlea McIntire

As the annual Solo and Ensemble competition approaches, the choir works to prepare.Their preparations primarily consist of Solo Night, which was held on Feb. 4 in the Ninth Grade Cafeteria. The night was filled with students performing their competition pieces for friends and family to hear. This gives students a chance to see what they need to work on before they go before a judge on Feb. 22. 


Each year, choir members compete in the Solo and Ensemble competition for a chance to represent themselves at the State Solo and Ensemble competition. Each contestant chooses a song from the Prescribed Music List (PML) list, which tells them the grade of their song. The grade or level of difficulty of the song can be a one to a six, with one being the hardest. After learning and practicing the song, the contestant walks in the room where only the judge and the accompanist are waiting and performs their selection. Then, they leave. Only later do they find out their score, which can be anywhere from one to a five, with one being the best. In order to advance to State, they must perform a grade one solo and receive a one.