Behind the Scenes of “Into the Woods”


Claire Kennedy

Trevor Garrison, Hollyn Gaffner, Jackie Pillow, Kylie Edington

Ashlea McIntire, Staff Reporter

Throwing down her pencil on top the pile of homework yet to be finished, sophomore Katelyn Attaway rushes up to the stage to begin another endless rehearsal for “Into the Woods.” 

Early in December, she sprained her foot and missed out on several rehearsals. Now that she is healed, she focused on making up what she missed.

“Once I hurt my foot it changed what I could do in participating with the musical,” Attaway, who plays Cinderella’s mother, said. “I was no longer allowed to dance and I had to sit out a lot, so now I focus more on making sure my actual part is the best it can be since I can’t dance in the show.”

There are over 100 students involved in the production. All of the students are still attending their classes and get no breaks or extensions on homework just because they are part of the play. A number of the crew and cast are also involved in other extracurriculars. For some, juggling everything can be difficult at times.

“It’s a lot of work,” junior David Lasater, who is playing Jack from the story Jack and the Beanstalk, said. “I can speak on behalf of everyone who’s involved in any production when I say that. For me: I set/sketch a plan out for the day. I set a certain amount of time for when I’m going to get certain things done. If free time comes up throughout the day I use it to either get work done that has been assigned or see what I can do to get ahead. It’s a lot of work and very stressful, but it helps you stay on top of things if you make sure you’re setting your priority’s straight.”

While the cast is on stage practicing, the crew is backstage sewing costumes, building props, working on lights and making sure everything will run smoothly. Even though they aren’t seen during the performances, they work just as hard the cast themselves. 

“Crew puts so much effort in, however hard you think we work in crew multiply that by five,” senior and props master Clare Copeland said. “I will admit at times we can become stressed over the amount of time we have for our production but it is worth it. The show always turns out fantastic and the school and community give us so much appreciation and support for the work we do.”

During rehearsals and workdays while the cast and crew are practicing and making props and sets, it can get quite hectic. With so much going on, it can get tense and stressful during rehearsals in the days leading up to the show. But remembering why they signed up and the end product helps get them through.

“During rehearsal all the different lines, cues and music can be really distracting,” freshman Elizabeth Miller, who plays Little Red, said. “Staying focused can often be a challenge. The best way to handle it and remain calm is by focusing on the job you have, and always looking ahead.”