Choir Holds its Annual Choir Olympics

Green Team shows off their team rap

Ashlea McIntire, Staff Reporter

Choir Olympics, which was held this year on Sept. 14 from 9-1 p.m provided a chance for choir members to get together and bond. Each year, the choir officers meet to come up with fun games and activities for all choir members to participate in.

“I love Choir Olympics because it gives us a chance to hang out with people in other classes or schools,” freshman Ariana Schmitt said. “There’s a sense of camaraderie with everyone in choir and I think that Choir Olympics gives us an outlet for all of us to really get to know each other, play crazy games and just have fun.”


The games chosen this year were Plunger Races, Captain’s Coming, Minute to Win It- Face the Cookie, an Agility Course, Water Games, Marshmallow Toss, Red Rover, Karaoke/Dance Off and Human Hungry Hippos. The water games varied from dumping buckets of ice water on unsuspecting victims to lining up teammates to get water from one bucket to the other using only a sponge.


“I was excited to do the agility course because it brings out my creative and competitive side, but my favorite game was probably the sponge game. I really go into it and my whole team was screaming, plus it was the only game my team won,” choir historian and sophomore Addi Jarrell said.


Each team had a specific color that they were supposed to wear. Each team also made up a team name and chant. These things were used to cheer the team to victory and the chant was specifically used to hype the team up throughout the day.


“I think the team chants and names were very crucial for team bonding because when people join together to create a name or chant, it is usually funny,” sophomore Ellie Conlan said. “And laughter is bonding.”