Homecoming Parade

“Bearcats Win on Game Night” will be the Homecoming parade theme, Sept. 30 at 6 p.m. in the back parking lot by the horse-shoe where the buses pick up in the afternoon. 


“We thought the game night theme would be one that people could really get into,” Student Council Historian Emma Surin said. “There are a lot of options for float decorations, and each one could be really unique.”


Throughout Homecoming week each day will have dress up theme that corresponds to the theme:


Monday will be What do you meme?, where students can dress up as their favorite meme. 


Tuesday is I-Spy, students are to dress up in camo.


Wednesday’s theme is The Game of Life, where students can dress like someone in the career they would like to pursue or in college gear for the college they would like to attend.


Thursday is Take Me Out to the Ball Game, students can wear their favorite jersey. 


Friday is Sorry! Bearcats are Winners! And each grade level is assigned a color. Seniors are to wear red, juniors are blue, sophomores are to wear green and freshman are yellow. 


“We tried to coordinate all the dress-up days with something that people would really get into and still keep it tied into the board game theme,” Student Council President Grace Taylor said. 


Floats for the parade will be made by various school organizations, teams or clubs. In order to register a club for the parade, the club must fill out the form attached to this link: https://forms.gle/Z39cDtDrkaicAroS7


It is $35 to register a float, an AISD faculty member must ride on the float and the title of the float must be filled out on the form. In order to be eligible for the prize, float names should stay true to the theme. The prize will be a pizza party for the club. Any questions should be directed to Student Council Sponsor Elmi Martinez. 


“I would really like to see a real life interpretation of a board game on a float, I think that would be really unique and fun,” Surin said.