Senior Opens Her Own Sticker Shop

Lydia Wood, Editor

“Art has always been in my life in some form.”

Senior Hailey Bogner spent her time in quarantine creating designs, developing her art skills and opening an Etsy shop. She designs, prints and sells stickers through her store; HaileysPageShop. Her products range from pre-designed stickers with images and inspirational quotes to custom designed name stickers. 

Hailey started out drawing on an app called Procreate on her Ipad. When she started posting her art, it was on an account she previously used for art and photography, which later transitioned into her Etsy shop account, Haileys.Page. Opening on June 8, quickly HaleysPageShop took off. 

“It  was during quarantine, I had a bunch of free time to draw and I started playing around,” Hailey said. “Like I watched a YouTube portrait tutorial in the app that I use on my Ipad. So I did that and I was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna post this on Instagram, because why not?’”

Hailey’s business started receiving about three to five orders a week. Her orders increased, after posting a TikTok of her making some of her artwork and it went viral. Some of her videos have up to 446.9k views. Hailey continued to post videos of her making the stickers, mostly the custom names. 

“It was a custom name sticker and she (Eliana, a girl who she assumes found her on TikTok) asked me to make a video for it. So I did. And then I think everyone saw that and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want my name on the video, and then they started buying [them].” 

At one point, Hailey’s videos were so famous that Njoie– a massage gun company- asked her to make an art design on a TikTok video for them. They sent her a free massage gun and she posted the design video to her page.

Hailey’s design process starts with drawing the sticker on an app on her Ipad, from there she takes the design and uploads it. Then she prints them out on sticker paper. The next step is to add a laminate sheet to the stickers and put them into her machine for cutting them out. Cutting times vary based upon size and shape of the sticker. She then adds little thank you notes, signs the customers names onto the orders and ships them off to the customers. 

“But I’ve just learned a lot about supply and demand and business like things,” Hailey said. “I had to figure out how to balance life with getting the orders done. I’ve learned a lot about what I want to do something with graphic design.”

Hailey continues to receive orders and operate her shop, while posting on Instagram and TikTok. She wants to get a degree in graphic design and do some internships in college for the experience but isn’t sure about the future. 

“I don’t know it could be expanding my business, it could be more of an I go work for a company and be their designer. I’m open to anything.”

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