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Cale Linderbaum, Contributor

I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020) Released on Netflix

Adapted from a book of the same name by Ian Reid and directed by Charlie Kaufman

If you want to have no idea what’s happening during a movie but watch some great acting and great cinematography, watch this. You think you know what’s happening during this movie, but as it progresses it makes less and less sense all the way until the credits roll, and then it still doesn’t make sense. Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Black Mirror) is amazing in this. In this movie, Jesse Plemons takes his girlfriend (Jessie Buckley) to meet his parents. After an amazing performance by Toni Collette as his mom, the couple gets back in the car, and the confusion begins. Once you watch this, there is a 99.9% chance you’re going to have to look up an explanation for this movie (im-thinking-of-ending-things-netflix-ending-explained). It all starts to make sense once you watch again, so you’ll have to watch this at least two times to understand it. Great movie!



O My Heart by Mother Mother (2008)

This is such an amazing album. I found out about this album from my favorite person I know who has the greatest music taste of all time, and I just keep finding myself coming back to it. There isn’t a single skip on this, so I almost always listen to it in full. The vocalists Ryan and Molly Guldemond are one of my favorite things about this band because of how unique their vocals are, the way they come in and out of a song seamlessly sounds so good when you are listening. I don’t think anybody else could mix with the instrumentals as well as them. The mix of folk and indie rock works perfectly, and if you like any of these genres this is a must listen.



Twin Peaks (1990-1991) (2017)

Written by: David Lynch (Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet)

Who killed Laura Palmer? The slogan of the show is about a popular teenage girl named Laura Palmer who was murdered in the peaceful town of Twin Peaks. Detective Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is sent to the town to investigate the murder with the sheriffs of the town. Throughout the first season you learn about Laura and all the secrets she kept. Once the killer is revealed, Dale Cooper dives into the deep secrets of the town and the souls trapped inside. This show is hard to start watching, but once you get invested in the story you can’t stop watching. The story is so thoughtful, there is even a four and a half hour video explaining everything about it. I love everything about this show. It’s so well crafted and thoughtful. David Lynch is kind of smart.