Senior Honored in Parker County Today Magazine


Jake Turner (right) after accepting award

Taylor Yates, Editor-In-Chief

Jake Turner was announced as one of Parker County’s “Top 20 Under 20” at Weatherford’s Doss Heritage and Culture Center on Feb. 27.

He earned this honor for his work in band, Aledo High School Young Republicans and debate. Jake expects that his political contributions in Young Republicans were the deciding factor.

“It is most likely that I won this award due to hosting the candidate forum at our school two Tuesdays ago,” Jake said. “Although, after seeing the other winners, I’m still a little in shock.”

Young Republicans offered him other opportunities as well, allowing Jake to gain experience and make connections.

“I’ve spoken at the Reagan Day dinner my freshman and sophomore years,” Jake said. “Through Young Republicans, I have met Kay Granger, Zan Prince, Patrick Fallon, for whom I am currently interning, Chris Putnam, and Larry Fowler, to name a few.”

Though he has met many people in the field he wishes to pursue, he does not have any specific mentor to follow.

“I live life with the philosophy that everyone has something to teach and something to learn,” Jake said.

Jake’s involvement and interest in government is rooted in his impressive abilities in social studies and the humanities.

“History and philosophy have always fascinated me, and history has always been my strongest subject in school,” Jake said. “Politics is a natural conclusion.”

His strength in these classes means they are usually his favorite, but this year, he prefers his AP English Literature class.

“Currently, my favorite class is Mr. Carpenter’s, who is basically teaching a social studies course with English labs, but we read and discuss instead of answering questions,” Jake said.

This political interest drives Jake’s post-graduation plans. He intends to major in political science at Texas A&M.

“A&M has a very new and high-ranking law program, and their political science program is in the Bush senior presidential library,” Jake said. “It’s also a state school, which qualifies me for some assistance since my dad was a marine.”

After college, he is less certain what the future holds, but Jake wants to remain involved in politics in Texas.

“Currently, my only real post-college plans are trying to get to work in the state government; that’s always been a plan of mine,” Jake said.

In addition to his political involvement, Jake is highly involved and successful in band and debate.

“For band, I went to state freshman, junior and this year for my solo. I also won the wind band percussion director’s award my sophomore year,” Jake said. “For debate, I went to state last year and qualified this year. Although, I really have to thank my partners, Caroline Erb last year and Bud Green this year, for that. I can maybe take half-credit at best.”

Though all these (on top of AP courses) provide a busy schedule, Jake’s intense involvement in band makes it his most rigorous.

“Band is by far the most demanding,” Jake said. “I am in the Jazz 1 program here, for which I play the vibraphone and accessories.”

Jake’s work ensures that his “Top 20 Under 20” recognition is only one of many.