The Cat's Eye

2019-2020 Staff

Taylor Yates


Hello, world, it's me, Taylor Yates, senior and Editor-in-Chief of the Cat's Eye newspaper staff. I enjoy covering the news around the school and writing reviews for movies and music. When I'm not doing homework, I’m likely tr...

James Ward

Sports Editor

My name is James Ward and I am a junior. My hobbies include playing guitar, film photography, and recording music onto cassettes. I’m an editor and sports editor for the newspaper and this will be my second year in newspaper....

Lydia Wood

Staff Reporter

Hello, people! Lydia Wood here. I will be a junior this year. Some of my hobbies include writing, reading, art and music. This will be my first year in newspaper and my second year on media staff, having spent my first in yearbo...

Grayce Williamson

Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Grayce Williamson. I like to write, hang out with my friends and take pictures of everything. I love doing things outside of school like taking pictures and joking around about things....

Sarah Reese

Staff Reporter

Greetings and salutations!  My name is Sarah Reese and this is my first year in Newspaper.  A few random facts, all concerning what I like to do, are as follows: I enjoy reading, watching movies/TV, playing Connect Four, being wei...

Alyssa Lively

Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Alyssa Lively and I am a freshman. I enjoy writing, art, photography, music and hanging out with my friends. I have been interested in photography since I was 11 and I hope to improve this year. This will be my firs...

Ashlea McIntire

Staff Reporter

Hi, I’m Ashlea McIntire! This is my second year of newspaper, and I love it! I love singing with the choir, reading, hanging out with friends and family, watching old movies and volunteering with my friends. I can be very quiet...

Teagan Bagley

Special Contributor

Jordan Prokell


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