Top Trends for Spring 2021: Brinklee’s Picks


Heading into spring and wondering what style you want to have this year? There are so many to choose from!

With old fashion coming back or just being newly introduced, you could possibly find a cute trendy style that is perfect for you. So here are my “Top Picks for This Year’s Spring Fashion” and a few websites where you can get your own.

To start off my list, ranking at #5, wide-leg pants are an adorable style to wear that can be paired with many different things. You could wear some as a comfy but cute option, or if you are trying to look more formal and nice. Whether you want to thrift these pants or get super cute ones from your favorite store, you will definitely get compliments. 

Milkmaid dresses have come and gone throughout the years. But, I hope this trend is here to stay! I have ranked these adorable dresses at #4. They are great for spring and an easy, but cute way to dress up or down. Wearing these dresses with cute sandals or even just a pair of sneakers, is always a stylish but trendy option. 

My #3 pick is sorbet pastel tones. These tones give off a bright, carefree vibe and capture spring perfectly. 

Coming in hot at #2 is, of course, one of my favorite styles that you can match with many different things to make so many different outfits. Mini skirts are an adorable touch to any outfit. You are definitely going to get many compliments no matter how you decide to dress these skirts. 

Also, if you don’t prefer skirts but want to style something that looks like one, there are also some adorable shorts that look a lot like a mini skirt. 

Lastly, #1 is my absolute favorite spring fashion style. Matching sets are a great comfy and cute go to that you can never go wrong with. This style has been seen on many celebrities and it is just now becoming a trend that I don’t think should ever go away.